Let me go back, please!

Gilligan’s has got to be one of the best kept secrets about–so wonderful, in fact, that I’m hesitant to put a review up here to share this place with anyone else! If you’re lucky enough to go there, you’ll understand my desire to be so selfish…

Each day at Gilligan’s was spent as follows: with tea on the porch; walks up and down the beach; more tea on the porch; snorkeling and kayaking about; a game of chess on the porch; a nap on the hammock; a beer on the porch… you can see where this is going…

The entire stay was beyond lovely and if I could instantaneously zap myself back, I would in a heartbeat.

In addition to the fantastic facilities, Mal was wonderful in preparation for our trip, supplying ample infomation and, at times, patience as well! Further, Estrellia was such an amazingly gentle and kind care-taker, we felt taken care of the entire time. (Not that our needs went much further than the porch).

Beautiful home, overwhelmingly fantastic holiday. Thank you to all!

– K H.