Paradise under the palms

Four of us travelled from Northern Ireland and stayed at Gilligans for a week. We had some concerns before leaving, particularly about the remoteness of the location and the fact that there was no aircon in the bedrooms. All our anxieties were assuaged when we set foot on the beach in front of Gilligans. The remoteness is an essential ingredient of its charm, and aircon wasn’t an issue: we were lulled to sleep each night by the gentle sound of the waves and the soft breeze wafting through the window. I left my ‘kindle’ on the plane in Manila and thought I’d be lost without any reading material. Not an issue – I didn’t even miss it. The week flew by with our days occupied with kayaking, exploring the nearby beaches and islands, fishing and beachcombing and enjoying Estralia’s cooking. Alvin took us to ‘Blue Cove Resort’ on a neighbouring island one day for lunch. While we enjoyed the trip, we couldn’t get back to Gilligans quickly enough to enjoy the sheer solitude. We sat many evenings gazing at the stars trying to find words that might best describe Gilligans.’Fantastic’, ‘amazing’ ‘incredible’ didn’t even come close to doing it justice. There can’t be many places in the world like Gilligans, but I’m glad we found this one.

– Richard B.