What a place to be shipwrecked

If there was ever a place to get away from it all Gilligan’s is the place to be. Covering all manners of transportation to get there ( 1 hr. via air from Cebu, 2 hrs. via land and 30 min. via water) just adds to that feeling like an Indiana Jones adventures minus impending doom and bad guys. The pictures,and all the reviews I have read about Gilligan’s, do not do justice to the amazing place that you will call home for awhile. The mixture of water activities available (kayaking, paddling, outrigging and whatever your imagination can conjure up), playing volleyball or some variation thereof and just plain old relaxing (on a hammock on the beach, rocking chairs on the deck, playing board games) was more than enough to entertain my 5 kids (ages 3 – 17) and my aunts and uncles. The best part about all of the above activities is that equipment is included with the rental. The house itself was very comfortable and had all the amenities needed and wanted. The caretakers took care of us very well as well as the staff from Ville Marguerita. All in all if you like to be spoiled when sleeping/relaxing in a house to the sound of the waves with the breeze coming off of the ocean or having a white sand beach all to yourself as your front yard then Gilligan’s is where you want to be. Here are my tips:

1) plan your daily meals to a degree so you know what to get in the grocery store and not spend a lot of time wasted figuring what is missing or do you have enough of something.

2) book your van through the Gilligan’s in advance and not when you get there with some other local van service ( this was a costly lesson for us). Was an amazing adventure/experience and would come back again and highly, highly recommend Gilligan’s

– Brestauro