The best place to stay in Port Barton if you want an amazing view and absolute privacy

My husband and I just got back from a trip to Palawan and we loved our stay at Gilligans! You’re basically given a spacious, homey, wooden beachfront house in a secluded part of San Vicente with and AMAZING VIEW and lots of lounging options. They have hammocks, rocking chairs, swings, even a mini zipline (Lol). The place also has kayaks and a paddle board available for free use. Two very hospitable staff (Estrella and Roger) are there to assist you with your household and travel needs (transportation arrangements included). Estrella makes great banana pancakes and PERFECT calamares btw. Make sure to try those if you’re there!

If you decide to stay here just make sure you’re expectations are adjusted to reality. My husband and I got home with a lot of jellyfish/sealice bites, but that’s common all over Palawan. There will be bugs and falling coconuts too so beware of those. Nevertheless, the house is pretty well equipped to survive Palawan. The bedrooms have mosquito nets, the house has bug spray and insect repellant. It’s also interesting to note that they have electricity throughout the night (from solar energy) which is not common in Palawan. The owner (Mal) was very helpful. He guided us through all these ‘realities’ – food options, transportation in the area, etc. Make sure to seek his advice on these, he’s contactable at all times on Viber.

This is a great place to stay (best for a group of 4 to 8). We definitely recommend this to friends wanting to explore San Vicente!

– Julieful