Voted as the best island in the world by Travel and Leisure Magazine, Palawan is one of several islands stretched across the South China Sea. The exotic chain of islands features plenty of hidden gems including secret lagoons, underground caves and unique limestone cliffs.

Palawan Island

Palawan Island

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This slice of heaven known as Palawan is voted as Travelers’ Choice on Trip Advisor, not only because it is known as the last ecological frontier of the Philippines, but also due to its cocktail of charming fishing villages, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and exotic wildlife.

The island was also featured in big budget Hollywood action movies such as James Bond and The Bourne Legacy. Palawan is also a fan favorite due to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park which is located on the west coast.

Tourists can float on a boat through the underground cave system and discover the wonders of this popular destination. Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park which was discovered by divers in the late 1970’s, has now become a tourist magnet due to its colorful coral reefs.

Palawan is also home to Sabang, a quaint coastal town where you can go on an early morning mangrove river cruise and feast your eyes on an array of tropical birds, snakes and lizards.

El Nido

This coastal town which was originally known for fishing and gathering swift nests, hence the Spanish name ‘the nest’ or El Nido, has become a popular tourist destination.

El Nido is the gateway to the Bacuit Bay, home to magnificent limestone islands adorned with unbelievably beautiful sandy beaches, coves and lagoons.

Bacuit Bay

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Do not miss out on visiting the secret beach where you can swim through a tiny cave just when the tide is right and find yourself in a private beach of your own, surrounded by rocky cliffs. It is truly an unforgettable haven that is unlike any other place on earth.

Busuanga Island

If you are a fan of both diving and exploring underwater ship wreckage, then you will love Busuanga Island. Discover the many World War Two era Japanese ship wrecks hidden beneath the emerald waters.

Busuanga Island


The island is also filled with hiking trails that provide you with the best picturesque scenery and a panoramic view of Coron Bay. You can also go island hopping to other nearby islands such as Coron Island.

Coron Island

Pay a visit to Lake Kayangan which is considered one of two main attractions in this mountain themed island. Hike your way up to the majestic lake with its crystal clear waters that are temptingly fresh and inviting for swimming and diving as well.

Lake Kayangan


Head over to nearby Lake Barracuda which is surrounded by limestone cliffs. It is a diver’s paradise where you can discover small fish called gobies, shrimps and even barracudas! The underwater rock formations make for an interesting diving or snorkeling experience .

Barracuda Lake


That and the layer of fresh water on top of salty water that is unique to this beautiful lake. You can also lounge on the sandy shores of Banol Beach and bask under the sun or take a break inside the available beach huts.

If you are visited the Palawan and if you haven’t explored its lakes and lagoons that are draped by towering jungle-fringed karsts. Boating languidly here is one of the most surreal travel experiences in the Philippines. It will render you speechless and breathless.

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