Woohoo….The Christmas season is upon us again! From skylines glittering and illuminating in the city to mouth-savoring festive delicacies to make everyone gain a few pounds of happiness, the holiday celebration is here. The only question that tickles every mind is: Where should you spend the big day?

December and January are a great time to travel given the fact that there are incredible deals on offer in places that shine over the jolly winter months.

If you’re planning a Christmas getaway this year, try one of these top 10 destinations.

  • The Whitsundays, Australia


If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury gateway, just stop right there and head over to The Whitsundays. A gentle reminder: You won’t find snow here, but white Christmas can be celebrated amidst some of the purest and brightest sand seen anywhere in the world. The tropical paradise houses 74 islands. (Right, we’re calling all the Boaties). And of course you’ll be able to enjoy warm summer waters on your Christmas break.

  • New York City, New York


As one of the world’s largest biggest holiday destinations, New York City provides an endless list of activities and places to keep you perk up in the holiday spirit. The most famous tourist spots get a yuletide makeover and the dazzling Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center shine bright and aglow with festive displays. Hit up a Broadway, get tickets to the Radio City Music Hall’s Christmas spectacular, go ice skating in Central Park or stroll the holiday markets in Bryant Park, Grand Central Station, and Union Square. The choice is endless!

  • Bath, England

The Theatre Royal

No other city celebrates the birth of Jesus and the birth of Jane Austen with same amount of zeal and fanfare than Bath in England. The notable “The Theatre Royal” (mentioned in Austen’s “Northanger Abbey” and “Persuasion) is home to a musical celebration. You can also choose to go for a varied program of holiday drama, musicals, opera and concerts. Our favorite picks are Cinderella and Rumpelstiltskin. The 18-day Bath Christmas Market is renowned for its 170 wooden chalets, famous for selling British handmade crafts in a quaint Georgian setting. It is the only entire city in ten UK to have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also, don’t forget to savor the steam emerging from the thermal mineral-rich waters with an open-air top for the spectacular view over the city.

  • Igloo, Mâcot-la-Plagne


Why should you stay here on a Christmas? Because it’s an IGLOO, wrapped in a full-service snowy sanctuary, accommodating 2 guests, along with bar service and an area tour guide that is include in your price. How cool is that?

  • Geneva, Switzerland


Geneva is for those who like it simple, yet very elegant. The city is fairly quiet during Christmas, but do not get fooled by the silence. Geneva is more beautiful during the time, and if you fancy a day of skiing, followed by an evening of hot cider in front of the fireplace, this is the right destination for you. You can visit the small, charming suburbs that have impeccable art galleries and fantastic restaurants. Admire the beautiful decorations on Geneva’s old Town and be home just in time to enjoy the cider.

  • Palawan, Philippines

Port Barton, Palawan, Phillipines

Worried that the Christmas fun will end too quickly? Here’s a solution: pack your bags and head to the Palawan. The Filipino Christmas season (world’s longest Christmas season) kicks off as early as September until the ‘Feast of the Epiphany’ on January 6th, with carol singers and parols brightening up the streets for the early months. The capital’s giant lantern festival and street parties has always been the something to look forward to. Get your stay complete at Gilligans Port Barton. It provides an unbeatable backdrop to any Christmas escape, an ideal place for a lavish, yet laid back holiday experience. Enjoy the awesome atmosphere and feel the sweet air and warm breeze, the shimmering sky blue and the nights filled with stars, fun, food and romance, just right and fine for the season. Leave aside the hustle and bustle of the working year and relax and enjoy the quintessential Christmas experience.

  • Dubai


It’s not just us but the virtual world is all set with all exclusive deals for Dubai over the holiday season. Blessed with amazing weather outside during Christmas, we suggest you get ready to indulge in some of the craziest shopping around and the most luxurious hotels in the world. The city of course is swamped with marvelous examples of modern architecture, so far removed from Western civilization, but yet surrounded by five-star restaurants, hopping nightlife, water parks and some of the tallest malls. We wouldn’t be wrong if we call Dubai the Las Vegas of the Middle East.

  • Prague

christmas market in prague

Prague: City of gothic architecture celebrates Christmas like no other. All markets bring a touch of local traditions, with choirs singing carols by candlelight, wooden huts on the roadside selling hand-painted ornaments and handicrafts, giant hams in the town square and beautiful women in traditional dress with Czech pastries. You’ll be surprised to find a stable in the Old Town with animals, boasting a traditional nativity.

  • Vienna, Austria

Market on Freyung

Calling all foodies! Vienna is a place to check out for delectable treats. The Market on Freyung in the city center has been the “it-spot,” for everyone in love with Kartoffelpuffer, a melange, kirsch-gingerbread, donuts, or bratwurst and mulled cider and wine. The city is beautiful and makes you feel like a king or queen as you stroll down the street.

  • Budapest


This historic city is known for the most beautiful ancient buildings that shine with Christmas lights in the winter months. Every sight is amazing. Go around and appreciate the beauty or warm up in a steaming outdoor pool at the famous bathhouses, please your stomach with home-made strudel and töki pompos at the markets and go sledging at the Normafa Park. If you tend to get bored, which is highly impossible, go for ice skating on the Városligeti Tó lake before a backdrop of the towering Vajdahunyad Castle.

We wish you all the joy and hullabaloo!