This little corner of paradise is still listed as one of the most underrated destinations for a tropical holiday. However, it is no surprise that it has been rated as the most beautiful islands in the world for the second time! The Isle of Palawan in Philippines plays host to the picture perfect blue sea waters that we all expect as well as the hikes, forests, and beaches that take us on a nature trip. Here are a few reasons why Palawan is your next ideal destination.

Drifting, drifting, drifting along

From canoes to paddleboats to fishing rigs, you can go cruising to your heart’s content on the beautiful waters around Palawan. The sea looks just as amazing as you expect from a tropical island paradise and in the shallows, you can even get glimpses of the sea floor.

There are several incredible diving spots around the island where you can get incredible views of marine life. You can also go out on small trawlers to the best fishing spots on the sea. Bring back your catch for a barbecue on the beach that can be arranged by the resort where you’re staying.

Into the wild

Palawan is also home to lush green forests with trekking routes all over the island. You can experience something new every time you head into the wild that is teeming with a variety of small animals, birds and the forest adds to that incredible ambiance. This island is perfect for the adventuring nature lovers and also for those who are looking to escape their urban jungle for some peace and quiet.

There are no season restrictions at Palawan as each season brings a different experience for the adventurer. Being an all terrain island that is wild and kept that way makes the perfect ambience for your holiday. This is also a photographer’s paradise. There is no shortage of subjects and you can take home some excellent frames to chronicle your time here.

The Secret Garden

This little reflection of Eden is still yet unexplored and unknown to many, and is one of the most incredible destinations you can choose for your tropical holiday. Rated once more as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Palawan in the Philippines is waiting for you. It’s an easy road to this majestic garden and from underground rivers to the open sea to towering cliffs shrouded by lush, green forests you can be sure that it is the perfect recipe for an incredible holiday.